Promotion of sites in search engines 2022

What if your site is not on Google or its attendance tends to zero? Promotion of sites in search engines has two solutions that are divided into many more options. The first option is to decide how you will do it? On your own or contact specialists. Then, regardless of the choice, it will be necessary to carry out a number of measures to optimize the site from the point of view of SEO, as well as from the technical side. In any case, you can independently study the latest recommendations from Google itself this link.

Продвижение сайтов в поисковиках

The second option is the help of a specialist. If you have already encountered this topic and know how time-consuming and voluminous it is, but you do not have time to study and implement all the components for successful promotion. You need to seek help from web developers and SEO specialists. In any case, you are not losing anything, since the initial consultation is free and does not take much time to determine the order of action.

Below I will try to set out a list of actions that are necessary for the successful promotion of sites in search engines in both cases.

Promotion of sites in search engines is free

If in the second case everything is clear and you just need to contact our specialists to find out the cost of search engine optimization. In the first case, if you want to do this yourself on a free basis, based on the recommendations of Google and the accumulated practical experience of web developers, the following is necessary:

  • Add a site to Google Search Console
  • Indicate which pages do not need to be scanned
  • Pass the Google pages in the same form as users
  • Avoid repeating and inaccurate page headers
  • Create informative descriptions and page headers for display in search results
  • Precisely describe the content of the page
  • Create unique elements for all pages of the site
  • Come up with short but informative values of elements
  • Use a metatag description
  • Create descriptions that accurately reflect page content
  • Use different descriptions for different pages
  • Do not abuse the headlines
  • Add structured data markup
  • Check if the pages support advanced results
  • Use Marker and Markup Wizard
  • Correctly organize the hierarchy of the site
  • Create a simple navigation page for users
  • Use text links to navigate
  • Create a navigation page for visitors and a Sitemap file for search engines
  • Add useful information to pages 404
  • Use simple informative URLs
  • Use the words in the URL
  • Use a simple directory structure
  • Make your site interesting and helpful
  • Study the needs of visitors (and give them the content they need)
  • Write readily read texts
  • Distribute content by topic
  • Create original content
  • Optimize content for users, not search engines
  • Attract reputable specialists
  • Provide enough material on the topic
  • Avoid distracting advertising
  • Select link text for internal URLs
  • Optimize images
  • Use standard graphical formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and WebP
  • Optimize the site for viewing on mobile devices
  • Move the site
  • Use social networks
  • Find other resources on similar topics
  • Analyze the position of your resources in the search results
  • Analyze user behavior on the site

Promotion of sites in search engines, cost and timing of specialists

Prices on web development and promoting sites in search engines has enormous scatter and many dependencies. You can do everything yourself by paying only the smallest expensive parts by spending no more than $ 50. Or hire a webmaster alone who will handle all activities for a moderate fee ranging from $ 100 to $ 2000. But low pay and single execution increase the time of development and promotion. For small and medium-sized businesses, this option is optimal, promotion cannot be too fast and takes from 2 months to 1-2 years.

But turning to a small team of specialists, you can speed up the process, cover the entire amount of information and get comprehensive progress, the costs of which can reach quite large amounts. For example, for the simplest online store, a budget for contextual advertising of $ 200 is considered a failure, not to mention paying for the services of specialists and long-term promotion with a link profile of the site. Here prices start from $ 500 and higher.

In today’s market conditions and the situation with COVID-19, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to partially or completely transfer their entire business online. And consumers are increasingly trusting online stores and e-commerce.

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