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Клиника красоты Aiva

Developed a website for the AIVA beauty clinic. Integration with Instagram, two languages, a feedback form, a floating contact button, links to social networks, active phone numbers, a travel card, several dozen information pages with prices.

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AIVA Beauty Clinic is a fashionable and cozy face and body beauty clinic for women and men

At your service – a complete set of safe cosmetological and anti-aging procedures, the reception of doctors of various specialties and aesthetic directions. All types of services have a medical license.

In AIVA clinic experienced professionals of their own business work for you, the best cosmetics and cosmetics are used, as well as high-quality modern equipment from leading manufacturers.

In AIVA clinic You always get the expected, quickly visible and long-lasting aesthetic and medical results.

Cosmetology – This is the AIVA Beauty Clinic and a large section of medicine that develops tools and methods for improving human appearance. Modern cosmetology can improve not only the quality and appearance of the skin, but also slow down the aging process, make the skin more resilient and radiant, lighten pigment spots, adjust wrinkles and even stop hair loss, change the shape of the face – this is practically an alternative to plastic surgery.

Cosmetology also successfully helps in the fight against local fatty deposits, cellulite, stretch marks. The variety of injecting methods and the rapid development of hardware cosmetology is truly capable of transforming a person.

Hardware cosmetology – This is the AIVA Beauty Clinic and the extracurricular procedures that are performed using special equipment. Many devices are advanced physiotherapy devices, others are specially designed for cosmetological purposes. As an example: during the radio frequency lifting procedure, the middle layer of the skin is heated by radio frequency waves, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and causes a rejuvenating effect. Cryolipolysis apparatus is also used – this is the latest method for correcting local fat deposits and manifestations of cellulite, in which fat cells themselves are destroyed.

Who is the beautician?

Cosmetologist – a specialist with secondary or higher medical education. A variety of certificates do not indicate high qualifications, because most of them are issued at short seminars during the presentation of new drugs and other things.

Specialists without medical education are aesthetist cosmetics (not cosmetologists!). They can provide only those services that are related to household: earning procedures, massage (not therapeutic), correction and staining of eyebrows, depilation.

Cosmetologists with secondary medical education can carry out injection procedures as prescribed by a doctor: mesotherapy (introduction of mesocotelles – vitamins, trace elements, amino acids into the skin) and biorevitalization (the necessary drugs are also introduced into the skin, only in a more concentrated form, which provides a lasting effect).

In addition to the diploma of education, when choosing a specialist, pay attention to reviews and photographs before and after cosmetological procedures.

Why go to the beautician?

The cosmetologist first determines the type of skin (normal, combined, bold or dry), then reveals possible problems: wrinkle formation, reduced elasticity, dehydration, the presence of vascular stars, etc. In accordance with the needs of the skin, a specialist selects a program for home or professional care. Also, the beautician gives general recommendations: what vitamin supplements are worth drinking, whether you need to visit other narrow specialists or take tests.

The cosmetologist helps to learn about the characteristics of the skin and navigate a huge variety of care products: choose those that will definitely be a positive result, and abandon the funds that are contraindicated for you. This applies to both home care and professional procedures.

A cosmetologist is also needed to prevent skin aging. We and the AIVA Beauty Clinic are at that stage in the development of aesthetic medicine when we can slow down the aging process and look younger than our age. So why not take advantage of this?

In any case, absolutely every person needs additional hydration in improving the color of the face, texture and topography if he takes care of himself and wants to look good after 10 and 20 years.

When the beautician does not help?

Since cosmetology is a very wide area of aesthetic medicine, a medical and cosmetologist can solve almost all the problems associated with improving the appearance of a person or figure.

Of course, sometimes additional medical attention is required for comprehensive treatment. The need to visit other specialists will be informed by a medical and medical specialist at the initial consultation.

It is important to remember that the beautician is not a wizard and the result will not appear instantly, unless it comes to botulinum therapy or fillers. Almost all procedures should be taught. And it is very important to understand that home care and compliance with the general recommendations of a beautician in combination with professional procedures is the key to the beauty and health of the skin for many years.